Civilized Cycles | Model 1 Specs


  • Bespoke Forged and Hydroformed 6061 aluminum, deep step-through
  • Fully adjustable gel rider saddle accommodates riders approx 5’6” to 6’4”
  • Gel foam passenger saddle
  • Total capacity: 400lbs
  • Total vehicle weight: 89lbs


  • 750w high torque mid-drive
  • Throttle, Pedal Assist and Power-on-Demand modes
  • 20mph / 28mph /25kph /45kph


  • Lithium Ion, 10.5 Amp hours @ 48 Volts 'Powerbank' style removableIntegrated USB ports (for phone charging etc)
  • Panasonic or LG cells only
  • Optional second battery
  • Charger included


  • FRONT: Manitou 32mm fork tube, 20mm axle, 80mm travel
  • ADJUSTMENTS: Mechanical preload, compression to lockout, rebound
  • REAR: Manitou single pivot, 60mm travel Automatic sag adjustment / self leveling system


  • FRONT Tektro 4-piston 203mm hydraulic disc
  • REAR Tektro 4-piston 180mm hydraulic disc


  • Integrated tail light, brake light, and turn signals.Headlamp with self-dimming sensors


  • 30-mile range / 60-mile range with optional second battery*Top Speed of 28mph* (motor with pedal assist)


  • Integrated locking and water-resistant panniers
  • 25lb capacity per side. 20 liters capacity closed / 80 liters capacity expanded


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